Constance Rose is an intuitive, alternative healer, inspirational speaker and teacher. She is also the founder of Luminous Breath. For the past thirty years, Constance has been on the path of higher learning and teaching. Born in rural North Dakota, she has been gifted to be surrounded in nature to nurture and stir the seeds of awakening within her. She has travelled the world to study and embrace many different philosophies from American Indian, Eastern Philosophies, and Europe to learn (remember) the art of natural healing from many, many different sources. Only to come around to herself. The jewels lie within. As one great master has said, “the kingdom of heaven lies within you”. We all get to experience this if we allow ourselves to have the courage to explore, to be adventurous and make the commitment to inner discovery. Constance will joyfully, assist you in that jourrney!

Life is a dance ~ Let it take you by the hand and awaken your spirit!

Mantra for Luminous Breath: “I’m losing my mind, and loving every minute of it”!