Intuitive Energy Healing Telephone sessions

Receive clarity and alignment that will deeply root you back to your true identity and pathways. You will receive deep insights and healing leading you back to your whole self. An adventure to your truth.



Luminous Breath and energy Sessions

One of the most powerful healing sessions you can experience. Breath is the great awakener. The potentials for healing are boundless. You will reach far beyond this form and tap into your luminous self. Formless and mindless. Sessions vary and each experience will bring you more of you.


healing sanc.JPG

Healing Sanctuary retreats ~ One, Three, five day retreats

A time for deep reflection and exploration. A journey that takes you on an adventure to yourself. Where have you wondered? With little effort you will be shown new pathways. All retreats include; luminous breath and energy, labyrinth prayer walks, intuitive readings, all while allowing a space for spontaneous adventure.



Group Luminous Breathwork (Five or more people)

Host a group of five or more of your friends for this awakening group breath and energy session. Nothing is more powerful than many gathered together with the same premise to heal.

$100 per person


Healing and alignment for your animals

Energy Alignment is perfect for animals, they hold no resistance. Once they are aligned the healing starts organically.




First purify old energies and bless your home or land into the new journeys. All blessings are huge cleansing and renewal for new beginnings. Everything in the universe is energy, why not start out fresh.


The Art Of Illumination Wisdom for higher learning


Usui Reiki Two Day Immersion- Levels I, II, III and Master

Learn the art of natural healing traditional Usui Reiki as Master Usui was given it. In this training you will receive certification and manuals for levels I, II, III and Master.



Usui Reiki Master teacher one day training

This training will give you the tools and manual for training and attuning other students. This is a great option for people who wish to use the training for their own personal use or for those who wish to attune and teach other Reiki students.



Luminous breathwork training

Luminous Breathwork is one of the most powerful tools for healing. The breath takes you far beyond the mind and ego while birthing you into a world of limitless potentialities. This training is profoundly experiential and deeply transformative. You will be both the student, and facilitator. *Usui Reiki training is required prior to class.

$5500- 55 hours and certification