Usui Reiki Certification is taught in two day events. All the Level’s are taught, all the symbols and certification are given. Mikao Usui did a 21 day meditation and recevied all the symbols during his meditation and immediately there after set about healing. I have kept the trainings the same. Usui Reiki will be your teacher all the days of your life, as you open up to the higher levels of consciousness and energy. No teacher can give you that. You will give yourself that insight and wisdom as you grow. You will enter into a higher frequency of consciousness and your intuition will open and awaken as you shed your old self. This is indeed a wonderful, delightful, process.

Usui Reiki Master Teacher Programs are done in one day events. This program is availabe for all those who have taken the above training and which to continue in the world teaching other students and clients.