Luminous Breathwork
Breathwork Training
44 Hour Program
Prerequisite: Usui Reiki Training

Luminous  Breathwork is one of the most powerful alternative tools I have ever been blessed to experience and witness. The words I use to describe this treatment fall very short of the profound experiences one will have while doing the work.  In a very sweet and simple form of trying to convey its gift, I can say, the breath takes you home.   A place we all know exists within our hearts, but have forgotten.  It is wonderful gift to share this with clients and now teach students who are ready to embark on the profound journey themselves.

Luminous Breath heals to the very core of one’s being.  This is a very intensive program for those who are deeply involved and committed to self healing, while facilitating healing for others.  This class is mostly experiential.  You will experience both giving and receiving sessions.     You will be given educational tools to assist you in your process offacilitating this gift to others.   You will receive muchinformation necessary to facilitate an empowering and informative session. Training involves working with one on one private sessions and group sessions. Certification will be given for Luminous Breath Facilitator.