Luminous Breath and Energy Sessions ~  The session will take you deep into your being.  You will be guided by Constance and led  into a deep cycle of breathing.  For each person, the treatment will feel uniquely different.   Actually,  each session you experience you will feel uniquely different.   There are no words to explain the depths of healing that occur while you are doing a treatment.  Many levels are affected simultaneously, some you will recall and others you will not.  The breath and energy will bring an awareness back to you that you have long forgotten.  In other words, you will start to remember who you are.  Old issues and patterns will clear themselves on their own.    Physical trauma and discomfort starts to line up energetically.  When you are aligned, on all levels, your body, mind and spirit begin to heal naturally.  Many, many gifts and insights are given to you, from deep within your being.  The session will bring you so many  jewels along the pathway, to stir and ignite your spirit.  Your spirit will soar !

Vibrational Energy and Reiki Sessions~ Energy Medicine is a gentle passageway for aligning you on all levels.  This session is deeply profound as well, and is used in conjunction with the breathwork.  If  you are too weak or ill, the session will be utilized using only  Vibrational Energy and Reiki.  There are no limitations to either session. Both will grant you deep insights and wondrous healing beyond human perception and what we’ve been taught to believe in our healing structure that is possible.  The doors of higher consciousness will open and expand.  Your energy will align and once it is aligned your body, mind and spirit  will heal naturally.