Traditional Usui Ryoho Shiki Reiki
Levels I, II, III / Master
Master Teacher Training
Two Day Intensives – All Levels are taught !
Receive:  Certification, Manual, History, Symbols, Distance Healing, and MORE !

Learn The Art of Natural Healing – Usui Reiki

Usui Reiki is taught in two day intensives.  You will be trained in all the levels.  Certification and Manual are given.  For those who are taking the class for Ce’s,  the required times necessary is adhered to, providing  you with the necessary hours and time requirement necessary for each state. All classes will cover the history of Reiki, hand positions, symbols, distance healing, working with animals and more.  Constance will share with you many stories of Reiki from her twenty years of experience!

Reiki will be your greatest teacher as you practice doing the energy work independently.   It is deeply profound and moving in more ways than you could ever image.  The mind could not conjure up the ways in which Reiki will heal and transform you and your clients lives.  It is the most beautiful, gentle gift you could share with others and be a part of yourself.  In all ways, it will awaken and strengthen your intuitive abilities, give you deeper insights for living your life and guiding others.  Be open and gentle with yourself,  the teacher has much to give you.